Aslam Ansari: Filmmaker

Audio-visual reportages, Legal Research and Writing

Graduated from The Institute for Paralegal Studies, American University of Paris (1990)


Desperate Connections

A film by Aslam Ansari and Saira Mir

This film is about child labour in Pakistan, based on the true story of a 12 year-old child activist, Iqbal Masih, who had been protesting internationally against child labour. The Reebok Foundation of Boston gave him the "Youth in Action" award in December 1994, and then he was gunned-down in his native village, Muridkey, near Lahore, on 16th April, 1995.


Produced by Saira Mir/ Aslam Ansari/ Khan Malik
Written by Aslam Ansari
Cast: Asad Manto, Maria Wasti, Mehmood Aslam, Umar Zaman and Enver Sajjad
Yawar Ali as Iqbal Masih
Directed by Aslam Ansari and Saira Mir




Child-Activist Iqbal Masih

He led an international movement against child labour.

He was assassinated in his native village near Lahore on 16th April 1995


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